Practice Thursday 4-8-2021

We will practice together today for the first half, and then possibly split up to allow FJ’s to practice team racing.

Normal warm up, today 3-whistles is a down-speed double-tack.
We will work on:

  • practice starts
  • mark roundings
  • DW positioning
  • Final Beat tactics

For Team Racers, we will work on black chasing a 1-2 downwind, and possibly around offset to final beat. If we do SNO, it will be RED in a 1,2,5 or 1,2,6

Weekend Teams

West River Team

A-Div Chris/Helena

B-Div Will/John and Nate/Julia

MDISA Championship

Saturday: A-Div: Thomas/Raam
B-Div: Robby/Lilly
Alternates: Scarlett, Zander, Rees

Sunday: A Div: Owen/Alex
B Div: Zander/Rees
Alternates: Scarlett, Thomas, Raam

7PatrickAudrey Klepper
8Chris M.Helena English
10NateJulia HlousekAva
11ChaseLila GibsonGavin
FJSitz Coach Boat
2JackReese Corckran
3KyleRegan King
4ZanderReesKate Castleberry

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