Practice Monday 4-12-2021

Practice 1: 420 boat control. Focus on fore-aft weight trim recognizing important differences between the Z and C 420’s. Simple wing-on to wing-on gybing downwind. Roll sharply but crew must counterbalance on new gybe. Watch this:

Practice 2: Understanding 420 jib trim upwind and how/when to use weather-sheeting:

  • when to do it
  • when not to do it
  • evaluating sail shape changes
  • more

TR Practice:

1-4-5 (2-3-6) Day. Understand what to do in a 1-4-5 around the race course.


  • normal warm up. Windsprints, evaluating jib trim and weight trim fore-aft upwind. Downwind, work on wing-to-wing gybes with more athleticism and quickness and agility
420Coach boat
5JackAudrey Klepper
6PatrickRegan King
7ChaseKate Castleberry
8KyleReese Corckran
9NateJulia HlousekOUT
10WillGavinLila Gibson
11Chris M.JohnHelena English
FJSitz Coach Boat

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