Practice Monday 9-13-2021

Today we will have a simple practice race day, inserting in substitutes; I will not be there today so please all pitch in and help Coach Ron.

  1. LAUNCH PONTOON BOAT. Boat can stay in, needs to be towed to my dock (at my house) after practice.
  2. Make sure everyone gets in.

420Coach Boat(s)
2AvaScarlett Harris
4KyleLila Gibson
5Chris M.Gavin Petrinko
6ZanderAndreaFinn Fries
7ChaseElla MayMacKenzie Getz
8JedAlex Brenia
9WillJohn SzynalEmma F
10NateAnna HowellHelena English
11JuliaChris Sixbey
12SamReese Corckran
Paisley Pentecost
1Natalie King
2Kate Castleberry

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