Practice Tuesday 9-14-2021

Practice 1: Acceleration Day

Today we will work on accelerating from going very slow, stopped, and even going backwards. We will also practice the downspeed double-tack
Cardinal Rules

  • sail trim downspeed is absolutely critical
  • FJ vs. 420
  • weight trim/body mechanics
    • inside boat
    • low
    • quiet
  • how to accelerate legally


  • FTL whistles drill: FTL, going slow. 2 whistles = go head to wind and hold it there. next 2 whistles means accelerate.
  • 3 whistles when down-speed means go backward/forward
  • practice starts

420Coach Boat(s)
1ThomasScarlett Harris
2AvaJedNatalie King
3RobbyLillyPaisley Pentecost
4KyleLila Gibson
5Chris M.Gavin PetrinkoFinn Fries
6Caroline BAndrea
7ChaseKate CastleberryMacKenzie Getz
8RaamAlex Brenia
9WillJohn SzynalEmma F
10NateHelena EnglishAnna Howell
11JuliaElla May
12SamReese Corckran
1Chris Sixbey

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