Practice Thursday 9-16-2021

Practice 2:  Upwind Modes Day:  High/Speed/Foot
Also, Fj’s will do a little team racing.
if wind dies and/or bad weather, we have a lot of boat work to do.

HAUL “Admirals” Whaler FOR SURE.
Consider hauling SailToon.
I want every boat drained before and after practice to check for water

420Coach Boat(s)
1Emma F
2Paisley Pentecost
3Natalie King
4JuliaGavin PetrinkoMacKenzie Getz
5Finn Fries
8Lilly BakerHelena English
10NateChris SixbeyAnna Howell
12SamReese Corckran
1ThomasScarlett Harris
2KyleElla May
3WillJohn Szynal
4RaamLila Gibson
5Chris M.Kate Castleberry
6AvaAlex Brenia

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