Practice Wednesday 9-15-2021


  1. Our next few events will be in FJ, so we will begin to integrate them into practice almost every day.
  2. NO pre-meeting today. Given the good weather forecast, we will have you head right out to get as much time in the decent wind we should have today
  3. FOCUS:
    1. NEW CREW FOCUS…. GO over the basics, then we will switch to returning crews in the FJs    
    2. FJ boat handling all around the course, DW  / starting /Upwind. 
    3. Proper hiking technique.
    4. Balance DW in more wind (if we have more wind)

420Coach Boat(s)
4JuliaKate Castleberry
7RaamAlex Brenia
8Caroline BAndrea
10NateLila Gibson
12SamReese Corckran
1ThomasPaisley PentecostScarlett Harris
2RobbyNatalie KingLilly
3KyleMacKenzie GetzHelena English
4AvaFinn FriesElla May
5Chris M.Anna HowellGavin Petrinko
6WillChris SixbeyJohn Szynal
Emma F

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