Practice Friday, 9-24-2021

Practice 1: Work on body mechanics in our drills, focusing on symmetry/teamwork and consistency, and if possible work on rudderless steering, either locking the tiller/rudder or taking it out completely.
Practice 3: Positioning in traffic and mark roundings. Work on far better mark roundings than you have been doing.
End of Practice: Electric Slide practice:

420Coach Boat(s)
3RaamHelena EnglishGavin Petrinko
5MacKenzie GetzFinn Fries
7Chris M.Kate CastleberryEmma F
9ChaseReese CorckranCherop Soi
11WillJohn SzynalAnna Howell
12SamJedChris Sixbey
1ThomasScarlett HarrisOUT
2RobbyLilly BakerLila Gibson
3KyleElla May
4AvaAlex Brenia
5NatePaisley Pentecost
6JuliaNatalie King

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