Practice Wednesday 10/20/2021

Match Race / Boat Handling Practice During our annual 2 on 2 Last-Boat-Loses Tournament. See teams below. We will try to do a non-stop round robin with limited umpiring. When not playing, make sure your team STAYS OUT OF THE WAY and is also ready to play (stay near the starting line)

Everyone NOT on this list is more than welcomed to come down, we will try to get you in at the end, but no promises. Also, anyone interested in trying skippering, this might be a good opportunity for you to find a niche.

  TEAMS Team Name Team Motto
Ava Raam Team CHAVA
“Like the frightened baby chipmunk, you are scared by anything that is different.”
Chase Helena English    
Chris M. Lila Gibson Team CHRAM-it
“Ricky, remember: The field mouse is fast, but the owl sees at night.”
Sam Reese Corckran    
Will John Szynal Team Wyl-E Kyote
“You’ve gotta cross over the anger bridge and come back to the friendship shore.”
Kyle Kate Castleberry    
Ella May Gavin Petrinko Team Roolia
“Here’s the deal—I’m the best there is. Plain and simple. I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence.”
Robby Gavin Petrinko    
Nate Alex Brenia Team “That Just Happened”
“You gotta learn to drive with the fear, and there ain’t nothing more God damn frightening than driving with a live cougar in the car.”
Thomas Scarlett    

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