Practice Friday 10-22-2021


  1. Come up with a team name.
  2. FIRST GAME: 1-2 Fleet/Team races. Lowest combined score wins. Your combined points in this “fleet” race, to win, must be lower than 39. (50,000 points)
  3. Relay Race. You will choose your batting order, and then race around a very short course going opposite directions around the course. First team to get all 6 boats around the course wins. (30,000 points)
  4. Tennis Ball Courier Challenge. Each team will have 6 boats in this game. The object is to get your tennis ball to a around a mark and back. You can simply sail the ball around and back, but remember that throwing the ball is far faster than sailing. Strategize accordingly. (75,000 points)
  5. Rudderless Match Race. Choose 2 players from your team to sail 1 boat. This will be a match race. (100,000 points).

1AvaFinn Fries
2MacKenzie GetzNatalie King
3SamReese Corckran
4Ella MayLila Gibson
5ChaseEmma Fritz
6NatePaisley Pentecost
7WillJohn Szynal
8JuliaAnna Howell
9Chris M.Helena EnglishCoach Boat
10ScarlettAlex Brenia
11KyleKate Castleberry
3Lilly Baker
6Cherop Soi

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