Practice Monday 10-25-2021

We will focus on FJ boat handling today, moving to TR practice. After warm ups I will move over and work with the 6 FJ’s, everyone else will practice in 420, and also stay near enough to the dock to rotate people in.

  1. Normal Warm up. With everyone
  2. TR focus: stop/start/ balance final beat drill (2 on 2) while other pair does a match race.

2Emma Fritz
3Natalie King
4NateLila GibsonPaisley Pentecost
5WillReese CorckranJohn Szynal
6Anna Howell
7MacKenzie GetzFinn FriesCherop Soi
8ChaseKate CastleberryChris S.
10Coach Boat
1AvaAlex BreniaOUT
3Chris M.Helena EnglishJulia
5RobbyLilly Baker
6KyleElla May

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