Practice Monday 2-28-2022

Any players needing to complete the run will do so today.

Work Agenda:
-Launch Coach Boat, test run/ get gas, make tie down lines, find slip for it. Store trailer in back lot
-Carry over boat 12 an put on trolley, rig it up.
-Rig all 6 FJ
-rig up sails on the 420’s (so we can launch more quickly tomorrow if we do not sail today)
-Put deck covers on all 420’s
– check all boats for taped shroud pins, etc.
-Check FJ’s for wear on ropes, especially hiking strap lines, tennis balls plugs, tiller extension universals, etc.
-come up with boat storage location system that we will use consistently
-check and possibly replace the boat holster-rope. Boats absolutely must be stored with Bow-Up.
-label all new boat parts with boat number.

4RaamElla May
7Chris M.Kate
8WillJohn Szynal
11NateEmma Fritz

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