Practice Tuesday 3-1-2022

Rabbit Rabbit

-Need to rig and be able to launch Boat 12. Not sure what the status is there, but let’s get that boat ready ASAP
-We will keep the shroud pins where they are for today and give them another look as it is supposed to be just a little windier
-Need ALL marks out and on coach boat
-Some of the FJ’s were left bow-down last night.
weight trim has to be relentlessly re-evaluated and often I see skippers sitting too far aft and not in a “racing position”. This means your body is as compact as possible, and you are ready to slide/hike/move easily. Sailing conditions are ALWAYS changing, if slightly, and teams that beat you (are faster) are more tuned in to moving body positioning to keep the boat balanced and tracking.

-Crews need to have eyes on the road at all times and constantly feed information to the skipper about other boats, changes in conditions, etc. I do not care if you don’t think you know what you are talking about. You need to learn by doing; feed information
-If you sail in bad air more than others you will lose, always, and even more so in lighter conditions.
-Before practice starts I suggest verbalizing tacking roll timing with your partner; lots of off-timed roll tacks yesterday, and as always, you almost cannot roll late enough. I always used the 3-2-1 thing. Since I was steering I always knew how fast my turn would be (as all turns are unique) and I tried to cadence my 3-2-1 to allow my crew to know absolutely when to roll based on my feeling of the balance of the boat and our turning radius.
2 plans today, Plan 1 if everyone shows up to practice, and Plan 2 if we are missing anyone:
Plan 1: Team Race Tournament, with staggered starts. Not something we would normally do on the first week of practice, but today we may have 12 skippers and a chance to get all 12 boats out. Goals for today:
1. get your team together before, and in between, games and discuss plans, strategy, and communication. Come up with 1-2 things you want to do today to improve. After sailing today, you will de-brief with everyone on what those things were, and how it went.
2. Red/Black are not set up as equal teams. Know this, appreciate why we do this, and have fun and enjoy the sport.
3. Be respectful/communicative/positive with your opponents and learn from each other. There are no trophies handed out at the end of today.

Plan 2: We will mix/match if we have missing people and do normal warm-up drills for most of today to shake out boat handling. Then we will possibly run a gate race.

6LukeElla May
7Chris M.Kate
8WillJohn Szynal
11NateEmma Fritz

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