Practice Wednesday, 3-2-2022

-if no wind, we will raise pins up 1 full step. If there’s time, we will then rig jibs, then measure rakes to make sure all boats are close to the same rake as similar pin positions.
-I am hoping the other coach boat trailer tire will be fixed. If so, I’d like to get that boat in the water.
-If any one interested in making a little $$, I’d like to get some bottom paint on the pontoon boat. This could happen over a weekend or the first week of spring break.

-an overall great introductory team race day. Having Luke over allowed us to have all 12 boats and, and when that happens it’s too tempting to have two team races. There were mistakes from all four teams, for sure, but I also saw more active decision-making and attempts at execution out there. It may have been one of our better double-team race days we’ve ever had, especially so early in the season.
-That said, we have an enormous way to go, top to bottom on team racing. The basics: covering/play recognition/mark traps/balance/leverage. These are some of the very fundamental musts of team racing. As much as you can work on each one of these.

-weather (wind) forecast is very unstable today. So, we will not plan to do something that requires consistent wind.
-Today is crew technique and meet everyone day. We will run through normal boat-handling drills today. After each drill, you will switch partners. The goal is to sail with everyone. Work on three things:
a) accelerating/timing on the starts and lane holding.
b) general upwind fleet race tactics inside the boat (talk to each other)
c) downwind lane management & Gate Choice.
-Main Drills (if we have somewhat decent wind):
Rabbit Start(with a weather boundary) Race to weather mark. Stop there.
Wing-off DW Rabbit Start (with a boundary) Race to leeward gate. Round best gate and drill ends

Friday is International World Day of Prayer, so get your outfit/pose ready for Friday Photo.

3KyleEmma Fritz
6SamElla May
7Chris M.Mackenzie
8WillJohn Szynal
10NateScarlettCoach Boat

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