Practice, World Day of Prayer, 2022

Admin Notes:
-it will be chillier today, dress warmly
-one more plug for the regatta on 12 March.
-Boat 7 needs a tennis ball. Check boat 4’s centerboard bolt (in fact check all centerboard bolts to see if they are at all loose or leaking while sailing)

-great job yesterday overall with focus. I noticed that most teams were consistently honing in on drills and constantly working hard.
-we saw improved starts overall and better accelerations and lane holding. Remember this is a much different art form in the FJ versus the 420… be sure to practice in both boats and always work on the FJ acceleration which requires more leeway room almost always.
-avoid collisions

Practice Today:

Today we will have normal warm up drills, including tacking and gybing on whistle. Remember 3 whistles is race to the next objective which is either a finish line or mark/gate rounding.
Then, we will have a Holy team race tournament, God be blessed.

Zoroaster Was Cool
2LukeElla May
The Dao-Wow
Saint Mark-trap
7Chris M.Kate
The Play-2 Dalai Lama
10WillJohn Szynal
Emma Fritz
Coach Boat

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