Practice Tuesday 3-8-2022

Team Race Practice

-warm up normally
-Team Race Theme: We are looking for team, especially crew, communication/leadership and active involvement in defining our team race strategies. Today will be 2 on 2 in drills.
-Will set up either a box course or a narrow lazy digital N
2 on 2 Balance Drill to a finish line upwind. The groups of four are in number order (1-4, 5-8, 9-12)
DW, 2 on 2 chase to mark 3….
-As discussed yesterday, a key to team racing is also having an eye on other things and being able to adjust to those things while you execute an overall team race strategy…..
-We are trying different pairings today and plan to swap during practice. Unfortunately the wind forecast has become grim; if there is no wind, we will work on boats, and possibly pin up the 420’s.

4LukeElla May
8Chris M.Kate
9JedJohn Szynal
12JuliaEmma Fritz

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