Practice Wednesday 3-23-2022


  • Please lift the 49er hull onto the flatbed trailer
  • This Friday is International Grateful Dead Day (who knew), so it will be very important to arrive with a proper outfit for our team photo.
    For many of you, you may need to raid your parents old outfit stash, if it exists. 
    We will award the best Deadhead outfit and that lucky hippie will win an unforgettable award.
    Are you In the Dark? here are some tips:



  • possibly a few heavy-air crew combos
  • Practice 1
    • Upwind: hiking technique and tacking body mechanics.
    • Downwind: sharp movements and very quick athletics side-to-side transitions (see demo)
  • Practice 2
    • Upwind: Work on consistent sail set up and better sail trim tuning
    • Downwind: crews work hard on keeping the jib full during the roll gybe, then snap it over very quickly to new side, where skipper reaches forward and takes a sheet of a sail that is full and drawing.
  • Practice 3
    • Team races


1 Thomas Helena OUT
2 Kyle Ella May Sam
3 Will Kate Chris M.
4 Raam Lila Robby
5 Ava Scarlett  
6 Jed John Szynal  
7 Nate Alex  
9 Julia Mackenzie  
10 Chase Reese  
11     Coach Boat
      Emma Fritz
FJ     Lilly


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