Practice Thursday 3/31/2022

Heavy Air Day

  • Depending on conditions, we will go out with just a few boats and try/train heavy air crews. See below. If your name is not on the list, the likelihood of you sailing is slim/none. If you want to take an academic day today, that’s fine. If anyone not on the list wants to “try out” for heavy air crew, you can assuming you are not a light-air crew.
  • If too windy, we will give the boats some work, and call it early.
  • Go over HA tuning, body mechanics, tacking, gybing, wild thing, sail-trim, and more
  • Stay tuned; we may cancel if bad weather (rain/front/potential lightning) gets close.
420 HA DAY
7 Thomas Raam
8 Robby Jed
9 Kyle Alex
10 Ava Chase
Extras: John

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