Practice Friday 4-1-2022


  • haul dead whaler at end of practice
  • drop mainsails before coming in

TR Tournament 

  • Goal for today assuming conditions are OK is for 2 teams sailing this weekend to work on your communication, starting strategy, etc.
  • TR Tournament. 2 Umpire boats. When not sailing, odd team out can practice or sail to a sheltered area and wait. We will run as many as we can, maybe do a few FTL starts, and then go in. Gang Green may get 2-whistle FTL starts.
  • We will try to set up as close to land as possible and in our cove. Viewing from dock should be great.
  • Id love to use FJ, but given the conditions, not a safe bet
  • Sailors not listed below help with RC and we will see about rotating in.
  • Today is International Pillow Fight Day. If there is a tie, overtime will be a pillow fight between tied teams.

Round 1

  • Black Stallions vs. Gang Green
  • Gang Green vs. Blue Bayou
  • Black Stallions vs. Blue Bayou
4 Robby Scarlett
5 Raam Lila
6 Sam Reese
10 Nate Ella May
11 Ava Alex
12 Will John
7 Thomas Lilly
8 Kyle Jed
9 Chase Kate

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