Practice Tuesday 4-5-2022


  • boats should be put away today in order, and covers made fast, rudders stored in boat consistently, halyards/sheets tight and coiled, etc. Always check boat for water at beginning and end of practice, and make sure boat drains when stored.
  • Mackenzie/Julia have time on way out and way in to skipper


  • 420’s will have a 2 on 2 tournament. Warm up with “pig in middle”s
  • FJ’s:
    • Pig-in Middle warm-up. Round a mark to go upwind and pass back the opponent as quickly as you can. Then round a mark to go downwind, same thing. Work with your partner on predictive, intuitive boat-handling
    • RED: What to do in a 1-5-6 at mark 3. Talk about it, and then we will do several mark three 1-5-6 approaches, with different gaps, all the way to the finish if necessary


7 Coach Boat
8 Chase Mackenzie Emma
9 Chris M. John
11 Will Kate
12 Nate Julia
FJ Sitz Coach Boat
1 Thomas Helena Alex
2 Robby Lilly Reese
3 Kyle Ella May
4 Raam Lila
5 Ava Scarlett
6 Sam Jed

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