Practice Thursday 4-7-2022


Question 1

  • Given: The 2022 Severn Sailing team has 23 members, 11 girls and 12 boys. No one has the same first name.
  • Given: According to the US Census, the chance of two randomly selected women having the same first name is 0.3098%. The chance of two randomly selected males having the same first name is 0.8080%.
  • What are the respective percentage probabilities of 11 girls, and 10 boys, having all different names?

Question 2

  • What is the percentage probability, in a 365 day year, that among 23 people, at least 2 will share the same birthday?


  • What did we learn about 1-5-6?
    • Gaps
    • keep the 1 till mark 4 (this never happened)
    • boats that are deep approach mark 4 NOT overlapped, but slow early and speed up late
    • a really good 2-3-4 team should get around mark 3 in a 2-3-4


  • Warm-ups…focus practice 2 (sail trim), do a few pigs in middle
  • 420’s some 2 on 2’s, more sail-trim practice.
  • Black vs. Red Mark 1 Match Race-to team-race Drill (one boat starts on port at the pin, the other at the boat end on starboard. both should be on/near layline to mark 1. then have at it. Next two boats then follow suit… then the final two
  • if wind comes up a few races with everyone
2 Mackenzie
7 Coach Boat
8 Will John Reese
9 Julia Emma Lila
10 Chris M. Chase
11 Nate Kate
1 Thomas Helena
2 Robby Lilly
3 Kyle Ella May
4 Raam Alex
5 Ava Scarlett
6 Sam Jed

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