Practice Wednesday 4-13-2022


– Bring a (Severn school student) friend who may want to try sailing

– we need to bring trailers back to Severn. Any volunteers would be appreciated.

– Launch the Toon

– Some race day photos


– Yesterday was weird wind, for sure. Having 2 starting lines is awkward and certainly not something you’ll ever see in a regatta. H20 was tested for sure. Those who truly accepted being in the labyrinth were able to, with a free mind, find a better, faster path to the finish line. Mental toughness blended with humility & openness is a rare but very powerful and effective force. As Yoda says, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”


  • Today you will have the chance to try something new and/or work on something that you think will help you. Reach out to your teammates and let’s make sure everyone gets involved. Some Ideas:
    • rudderless (if not too windy)
    • work on specific things you’d like to improve on with your partner
    • Head out on the Toon if you want to hang out and swap in and out with someone
    • ask a different (new) person to sail with you
    • try crewing
    • try skippering
    • single-hand a 420 (with mainsail only)
    • I am hoping to have a standard Laser there, either Radial or Full Rig (we will likely rig the radial). If you’d like to try sailing a Laser, we will work to get it rigged up. It does NOT have a dolly unfortunately so we will have to be creative.
    • Laser Foil. This is for competent experienced skippers only. This is a very tricky thing to do, so please use honest self-eval and discretion when considering it.
    • Waszp. I believe Robby and Thomas will want to sail their Waszps. These are private boats and owner-driven. Waszps are a fair bit trickier than the Laser, but ultimately a far better foiling boat. Watch them, and if you are keen to try it, maybe we can have you come to an Annapolis Waszp fleet demo day. (There is officially now a Waszp/Moth fleet here in Annapolis, and maybe some neat news to share soon about what are plans are.)
    • J/145. Haha, I wish. The sails aren’t on it yet, otherwise I would. Maybe next time, if you want to try keel boat sailing.
    • Optimist.    Team Trials is coming up soon, freshmen… haha

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