Practice Thursday, 4-14-2022


  • Practice tomorrow (Friday) will be a Captains-led Workout On Campus. You will be done on campus by 1700 at the latest.
  • We are going to haul my RIB either before or after practice today. Help would be great.
  • White Laser must go on Severn Racks out in the back lot today.
  • Haul “Admirals” whaler at the end of practice today


  • yesterday was fun. Do you want to organize a formal one (many years ago we had several teachers come out and sail)


  • We may do some heavy-air crew substitutions today
  • medium/breezy boat handling
    • weight trim fore/aft
    • hiking positions
    • body movements upwind and downwind
  • If not very windy, we may do a few team races or TR drills
    • balance drill (keep the 1-2)
    • passbacks downwind, combos downwind
    • we’ll see
1 Thomas Scarlett OUT
2 Robby Lilly Helena
3 Kyle Ella May Jed
4 Raam Lila Kate
5 Ava Reese Chase
6 Sam Alex
7 Coach Boat
10 Will John
11 Nate Mackenzie
12 Julia Emma
Chris M.  swap in skippering

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