Practice Thursday 4-21-2022


  • Haul Admirals whaler at end of practice
  • Practice tomorrow is optional.

PRACTICE 2: Specific moves, and Improvising good boat-handling.

  • Assuming it is not too windy, we will do some practice on
    • practice starts with forced port-approachers and forced chasers (will explain)
    • double tack
    • 360/720
    • double gybe around leeward gate
  • Turn-Around drill

Maybe a team race or two

2 Helena
3 Mackenzie
4 Emma
7 Coach Boat
8 Lila
9 Chris M. Kate
10 Will John
11 Nate Chase
12 Julia
1 Thomas Scarlett
2 Robby Lilly
3 Kyle Ella May
4 Raam Reese
5 Ava Jed
6 Sam Alex

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