Practice Wednesday 4-20-2022


  • check boat 2, I believe its cover blew off
  • the best wind today might be early on, so please rig and go out immediately; no meeting
  • Wind today may be much like the wind this weekend, so make good use of it
  • For those competing this weekend: For those that are attending the event at SSA this weekend, we are sharing the club with the Soling Fleet, as they have a regatta as well this weekend.  I would like to stress that you guys NOT put your gear on the tables in front of the snack bar.  The snack bar will be open and it is supposed to be a nice weekend.  I expect members to be coming in and out and would likely want to sit at those tables and eat/drink.  So PLEASE let your teams know that they CANNOT put their gear bags on the tables under the deck of the snack bar.  Thank you.

PRACTICE:  Fleet Race Preparation

  • Plan will rest on wind stability; after normal warm ups, I will try to do
    • 1-minute rule practice starts (2 minute). You want to focus on positioning and acceleration here
    • shorter-course weather legs to maximize sailing in traffic
    • DW race to leeward gate. This will be started in FTL; make sure you try back/front/middle
    • rudderless?


2 Helena
3 Mackenzie
7 Coach Boat
8 Reese
9 Chris M. Kate
10 Will John
11 Nate Chase
12 Julia Emma
1 Thomas Scarlett
2 Robby Lilly
3 Kyle Ella May
4 Raam Lila
5 Ava Jed
6 Sam Alex


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