Practice Wednesday 5-11-2022


  • will load Waszp box in my truck today
  • If it’s at all windy, maybe we rig the Laser Foil so we can swap in/out of it.


  • Warm up with acceleration from slow and stop
  • FTL stop/starts. Make sure you are close/bow-to-stern
  • some “normal” practice starts. Evaluate your own strategy and its execution
  • Box Start Drill. Any team looking to climb in the results needs to put a priority on getting off the line with speed and options. Too often, I see sailors going through the motions of getting off the line with little or no consideration of pre-start homework or line geometry. Teammates tend to get comfortable knowing who they can out boat-handle and often go for the easy start. This brings the competitiveness of the team down and reinforces a lowest hanging fruit mentality that won’t work at higher level events. I feel that if you spend any more than 45 seconds luffing during the pre-start you are doing it wrong.  Sailors need to get into the mindset that each start must to be taken as if it is a make or break it first leg and act accordingly.  Boats in the second row or the poachers waiting outside the boat-end of the line must be coached back into the fray.
    • I will incorporate two extra marks into the starting area to make a box +/- two boat-lengths wide. Sailors must be within the box during the entirety of the last minute of each sequence.
    • If you need to bail out of the box, you must do so under an I-flag restriction and round the ends before re-entering. Under this modification you will have to fight harder for your hole and it disincentivizes getting to the line late.
    • After the start you must sail without tacking for 30 seconds to give yourself a a grade/analysis on your start/placement.

Coaching Drills


3 Mackenzie
7 Sam Alex
8 Chris M. Reese
9 Julia Lila
10 Chase Emma
11 Coach Boat
12 Raam
1 Thomas Helena
2 Robby Lilly
3 Kyle Ella May
4 Ava Jed
5 Nate Kate
6 Will John

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