Practice Thursday 5-12-2022


  • need help launching laser foil and towing over to my house. Likely after practice
  • most definitely haul Admirals at end of practice.


  • Final details
  • practice starts.
  • Cone Drill. This continuously running drill focuses on tactics at the “top of the cone”, especially the importance of ducking a starboard boat to gain leverage and climb the ladder.
    • Normal Rabbit start.
    • Then I go to weather of you, trailing a mark, which is your weather mark. It will constantly move upwind, and constantly create moving laylines to it. You MUST tack on the port layline. Work to make it through the fleet and touch the mark. If you do, then go to the back of the pack and start over. (this drill really benefits from steady winds, so if we don’t have that we may table it.)


2 Chase
3 Mackenzie
4 Raam Jed Lila
7 Sam Helena
8 Chris M. Kate
9 Julia Emma
11 Coach Boat
1 Thomas Scarlett
2 Robby Lilly
3 Kyle Ella May
4 Ava Alex
5 Nate Reese
6 Will John

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