Practice Wednesday, 8-31

  • Wednesday: FIRST TEAM MEETING will be at 1510 in TEEL 302, my classroom for our season introduction/meet new people/expectations/etc. Then, we will go to the BG shed to retrieve our masts & load them on our trailer. Next we ALL go to the Boat Park for a tour/introduction, team run route tour, and then washing/rigging/shed cleaning. Lots to do, and maybe some new construction in the sheds for better storage.
  • Thursday: More rigging. If we have all boats up and running, we can sail.
  • Friday: Looks to be the best day for the team run. If the temperature is OK, we will do the team run, then begin sailing tryouts.
We will have a team bus that leaves from the B&G/Alumni House parking lot each day. Bus usually leaves at 1505-1510. Pickup is at Magothy Marina. No bus ride back to campus. Unless otherwise instructed, pickup time at the Marina is 1800.
This schedule is more etched-in-stone now. One added note for everyone on our team is that the MDISA is hosting a web-talk by Dave Perry. This discussion will focus on sportsmanship. Please put 1900 13 Sept. on your calendar for this talk.
Anyone interested in the Cressy and would like to sail laser during practice please let me know.


I have the following on our list for new people.
Annie Lapides 25
Maura McPartlin 25
Jack Lefever-Farino 25
Annie Sitzmann 26
Alex Baker 26
Lydia Saunders 26
Charlotte MacDonald 26
Callum Olenec 26
Adelaide Bauer 26

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