Practice Thursday 9-14-2017

Today we will warm up together doing rabbit start wind sprints. Camille would sub in for Addi and Jack will sub in for Parker. We will do a race or two for fleet race practice. Then, JV will then go with Coach Arnold and the Varsity will come with me to do some TR. FJ […]

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DC Sail Varsity Results

DC SAIL VARSITY FLEET 910 – Final Results Congratulations to A Div:  Mariner/Caroline B Div:  Sam/Ryan …for winning the DC Sail Varsity event. This was at their new venue, during a Nationals baseball game, just across the street. It’s a miniature Charles River, with humbling and inexplicable wind changes. Our team overall minimized risk, avoided […]

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Practice Notes 9-5-2017

Tuesday — Southerly 4-12 knots, lots of ups and downs, and shifts. Breeze trended right today with one very big right favored beat, if not two. We did direct-swap rotation so most teams had a new skipper/crew each race. Crew and Skipper results are below. That wasn’t easy to add up. Decent sailing today. Observations: […]

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Practice Tuesday 9-5-2017

Tryouts begin in earnest today. We will keep  14-15 on the Varsity roster, which will make a JV team of about 12/13. Today, tomorrow, and Thursday (if necessary) are Race Days. For the 12 420’s, there will be a direct swap of crews after each race. Skippers stay in their boats for the whole regatta. […]

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