Sunday 10-13-2019

We will mix and match depending on who’s here, but likely the boats we will rig are: If your name isn’t here and I asked you to come, please still do. z420 1 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox 2 Zander King Chase W Hilliard 3 Teddy Cromwell Hayden Lamb 4 5 Charlie Granitto 6 Patrick Dolan […]

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Practice Friday 10-11-2019

Early out @ 1345 today. We will make a plan based on what Antilles would like to do when we get down there, see below for boats to rig. z420 Coach Boat 1 Maddie Hawkins Cole Petrinko 2 Owen Hennessey Alex Brenia Lilly Baker 3 Thomas Sitzmann Raam Fox Ella May Corckran 4 Coach Boat […]

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Practice Thursday 10-10-2019

Boat Handling Day & Some Team Racing Work on weight trim today and also shifting gears with weight in lulls & puffs. This is a critical skill in changing conditions. FTL upwind windsprints.  3 whistles = 360 turn, 4 whistles = 720 turn Downwind crews work on muscling and even steering boat with your weight […]

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Practice Wednesday 10-9-2019

Mark Rounding & Team Race Practice Day Warm up: Mark rounding discussion (before we go out) M.R. Drill 1: rabbit start, tack on whistle. 3 whisltes means race to a WM rounding and offset rounding. M.R. Drill 2: dw wing on/off, 3 whistles means race to a leeward gate and round it. Team Racing FTL […]

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Practice Notes 10-8-2019

Today we did practice starts, first upwind beats, then DW in SNO to a leeward gate, finish upwind. Conditions: NE Wind 5-14 knots, with fairly consistent oscillations around 20-30 degrees at the most. Today the wind had a middle, and it simply went back and forth on either side of it. The race course was […]

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Practice Tuesday 10-8-2019

Fleet Race Practice Practice Starts. We will run several practice starts with Coach Beckman anchored; please work timing/acceleration on the starts, all the while working to be ON TIME and NOT over early. If you are set up poorly, or something happens, BAIL OUT EARLY. The best starts give you a clear air lane and […]

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Practice Thursday 10-3-2019

IMPORTANT NOTE:   We WILL have a team meeting/workout tomorrow ON CAMPUS after Field Day!!!! Working on Team Race Boathandling/Game Practice Two teams starting in FJ’s should work today on starting strategies, team communication, etc. we will rotate the green team into the FJ’s after each race/drill. Today we will focus on beginning to build a […]

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Race Day Results 10-2-2019

Notes: W/NW wind, went WNW right at start of first general recall. RC then made a big starting line and moved the weather marks left enough to make a decent upwind leg. Seemed today that the way the course geometry set up, the middle/left was favored on the first beat in all 4 races. Downwind […]

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Practice Wednesday 10-2-2019

Race Day; We’ve been working hard on boathandling and crew communication. Today will be a good day (with some good wind I hope) to test things out on a race course. Hope to experiment a bit with crews in different boats, depending on conditions. Tomorrow we will go back to FJ team racing. No Meeting; […]

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Practice Tuesday 10-1-2019

Weather permitting: ( I think Mariner is out today…) Drills today will accommodate crew training on team racing. I will watch crews today on 2 things: anticipating boat handling moves, and communication leadership. Today crews MUST become part of the TR communication stream, if you don’t do this already. This is HOW dinghy crews win […]

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