Practice Monday 3-21-2022



  • Tape up the trolley support posts with rags, etc., so the rails rest on them.
  • Bring out the SailToon for a committee boat.
  • If anyone wants to work out in our weight room this week in the AM, we can go anytime as a group, and Ill be there to unlock and supervise.


  • we will do some normal mid-wind strength boat handling practice today.
  • We will likely do a few fleet races each day this week and make a series out of it, no throw-outs.
  • TR teams RED & BLACK will then practice:
    • Upwind first beat cover/sailing communication
    • Downwind RED: 1,5,6 and 2,4,5
1 Thomas Helena OUT
2 Robby Lilly Chase
3 Kyle Ella May Chris M.
4 Raam Lila
5 Ava Scarlett
6 Jed John Szynal
7 Sam Alex Coach Boat
8 Julia Emma Fritz Kate
10 Nate Mackenzie
11 Will Reese

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