Redneck Friday, 3-6-2020

Q: What is a Redneck Friday? A: When you take lunch break, and never return to work. “You might be a redneck if…” any of your front room pieces of furniture is inflatable. the family business requires a lookout. you put in a 40 hour week at Walmart, but don’t work there. you were ever […]

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Practice Thursday, 3-5-2020

Practice today: Boat-handling spotlight: Light air boat-handling requires ability both to be very physical while also being spry enough to feel/know when to be still and let the sails/foils do its thing. Too much movement/rocking can be both illegal and potentially slow. Be extremely careful not to over-trim sails too soon, or at all in […]

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Practice Wednesday 3-4-2020

TR Practice: Covering/Pass-backs, upwind and down. Work it; hunt and kill. Your goal for today is to work on your boat-handling ability to execute team race moves, with a partner. It’s all about teamwork. Today you will be divided up into groups of 3. You will help run your own drills. Please communicate with each […]

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Practice Tuesday 3-3-2020

Team Race Practice Today we will do a few boat handling drills all together: RS windsprint, tack on whistle, stop/start DW gybe, etc.   3 whistles is slow down to a stop if possible, 3 whistles is start up again. Practice team races with the double-whistle. during the race, if/when i blow 2 whistles everyone stops. […]

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Race Day Results 3/2/2020

Race Day Monday Conditions: Brisk, blustery and furtive Southerly today, with wind speeds from 6 to 18 knots, and few gusts near the end of the day above 20 knots. This wind was not something to figure out. There were upper-right right hand shifts, in race 2& 3 a long-train runnin’ left hand shift off […]

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Practice Monday 3-2-2020

Depending on what happens, we will have 1 of 2 practices: OPTION 1   Video Practice I will video each boat doing a number of tacks, and then a number of gybes downwind. This will go in sail-number-order. I will set up at a mark. You round the mark to port and head upwind. Tack on […]

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