Practice Wednesday 9-15-2021

TODAY Our next few events will be in FJ, so we will begin to integrate them into practice almost every day. NO pre-meeting today. Given the good weather forecast, we will have you head right out to get as much time in the decent wind we should have today FOCUS: NEW CREW FOCUS…. GO over […]

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Practice Tuesday 9-14-2021

Practice 1: Acceleration Day Today we will work on accelerating from going very slow, stopped, and even going backwards. We will also practice the downspeed double-tackCardinal Rules sail trim downspeed is absolutely critical FJ vs. 420 weight trim/body mechanics inside boat low quiet how to accelerate legally DRILLS FTL whistles drill: FTL, going slow. 2 […]

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Practice Monday 9-13-2021

Today we will have a simple practice race day, inserting in substitutes; I will not be there today so please all pitch in and help Coach Ron. LAUNCH PONTOON BOAT. Boat can stay in, needs to be towed to my dock (at my house) after practice. Make sure everyone gets in. 420 Coach Boat(s) 1 […]

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Practice Thursday 9-9-2021

There IS a bus today Practice 2:  Balance/Speed. Continue to work on body mechanics, now add sail trim and boat balance and speed. Today we will work on the basics of sail trim along with proper weight balance for maximum speed. FOCUS:    Understand the concept and basics of BOAT BALANCE….what is it, how do you […]

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Practice Wednesday 8/8/2021

Weekend Regattas: Varsity at SCC: A Division: Kyle/Helena, B Division: Ava/Raam You all need to have a pinnie, and I was dismayed to learn of this list who never returned theirs last season: Sitzmann Harris Reineke Baker Meek Fox Long McCollum Bronze Event at WRSC: On wait list right now… hope to get in and […]

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Practice Tuesday 9/7/2021

THINGS TO DO TODAY -bring ALL 18 boats inside the wire -we will change crew/skipper combos around a little -Practice 1 today -basics of body mechanics in the boat, weight trim, tacking and gybing basics -tack on whistle, stops/starts….. gybe on whistle. 420 1 Thomas Paisley Pentecost 2 Robby Natalie King 3 Kyle MacKenzie Getz […]

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Practice Friday 9-3-2021

Work/Site Introduction day THERE IS A BUS TODAY Site Introduction: Bathrooms, where things go, launching, etc Work to do Wash/clean coach boat(s) Build racks in shed for sails (Coach Sitz) Attach padding to Pontoon boat trailer Haul Pontoon boat Launch Coach boat(s) after cleaning Marks checked and put in coach boats If everything gets done, […]

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Practice Thursday 9/2/2021

Team Run Inventory EACH BOAT and go over and photograph all problems work on shed interior and re-build sail storage racks Get sails out of Tiny House Bring pontoon boat over Put padding on pontoon boat trailer Haul pontoon boat Get Coach boats from South Shore Marine Launch Coach boats Get proper docking lines and […]

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