Practice Tuesday 3-8-2022

Team Race Practice Practice: -warm up normally -Team Race Theme: We are looking for team, especially crew, communication/leadership and active involvement in defining our team race strategies. Today will be 2 on 2 in drills. -Will set up either a box course or a narrow lazy digital N –2 on 2 Balance Drill to a […]

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Practice Thursday 3-3-2022

NOTE: There is a Varsity regatta @ DC Sail on Saturday 12 March. This is the first Saturday of Spring Break. I am traveling that weekend, but if anyone wants to do this regatta please let me know ASAP. You’d have to find your own transportation and we’d need, of course, a minimum of 4 […]

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Practice Wednesday, 3-2-2022

ADMIN STUFF -if no wind, we will raise pins up 1 full step. If there’s time, we will then rig jibs, then measure rakes to make sure all boats are close to the same rake as similar pin positions. -I am hoping the other coach boat trailer tire will be fixed. If so, I’d like […]

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Practice Tuesday 3-1-2022

Rabbit Rabbit STUFF TO DO BEFORE/AFTER PRACTICE -Need to rig and be able to launch Boat 12. Not sure what the status is there, but let’s get that boat ready ASAP -We will keep the shroud pins where they are for today and give them another look as it is supposed to be just a […]

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